Forbidden Item List

Forbidden Food

  • Frozen food or fresh fruits: foods or beverages that require refrigeration or other environmental conditions, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Food that contains meat and perishable food: Any seafood, animals, eggs, plants, raw or cooked meats and their products: such as meat sauces, mashed meats and dried meats and other foods that can be eaten by humans.  Foods that are prone to spoilage at room temperature are included 
  • Honey
  • Milk powder and dairy products
  • Jelly powder
  • Dried fruits and nuts: almond, raisin, walnut, nutlets, dried fruits, nuts, dried apple and dried mango
  • Supplements: vitamin and calcium tablets
  • Instant noodles with sauce, seasoning or soup pack
  • Pineapple Cake
  • Seasoning Powder or sauce
  • Any Food with medicinal materials (including Chinese medicine)

Regarding the shipping restriction of other food and demonstration on food shipping with Spaceship, please refer to: Shipping Food overseas

Restricted Items(commodities acceptable under certain conditions)

Only specific global courier(s) accept shipment of the following special item categories. If your parcel includes these items, please contact Spaceship to get shipment advice in advance so as to make sure that your parcel can arrive the destination smoothly.

Electronic components, batteries delivered separately, dry batteries and lithium batteries delivered separately in batches cannot pass the security check.

*Mobile phone, Laptop, Tablet, and other electronic products with lithium batteries can be shipped with the battery. If you are sending small amount (less than 3), you can use normal packaging. However, if you are shipping more than that, you have to hand in MSDS prove.

More Information: Shipping Tutorial (Electronic products with lithium batteries)


Radio Transceiver

All radios and devices including Bluetooth function/WIFI function

Spaceship 受管制物品:酒精類飲品(啤酒、餐酒、烈酒)

Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits)

Spaceship 受管制物品:醫療樣辦

Medical samples (e.g. blood, urine, tissue)

Spaceship 受管制物品:流通票據

Negotiable instruments (i.e. a variety of financial documents which bring the bearer direct monetary benefit)

Spaceship 受管制物品:古董(不易碎的)、藝術品

Antiques (non-fragile), works of art, fine art

Spaceship 受管制物品:宗教物品

Religious Products

Spaceship 受管制物品:色情物品


Other International Shipment Forbidden Items



For example eye drop, pain relief patch, anti-dermatitis cream and medicine.

Spaceship 禁運物品:所有粉狀產品

All powder products

Products with powder, such as makeup, skincare and personal sanitary products.

Spaceship 禁運物品:液體(不論使用何種包裝)

Liquid (regardless of the packaging)

Such as alcohol, toner eyeliner, sunscreen, contact lens nursing solution, eye drops, saline, mosquito repellent, gold-plating solution, aluminum paste, glow stick, mercury thermometer, etc.

Spaceship 禁運物品:酒精含量達24%或以上之飲料

Beverages containing 24% or more alcohol by volume

Spaceship 禁運物品:氣體、壓縮氣體、壓力罐

Gas, compressed gas and pressure tank

For example, compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguisher, gas cartridge, inflatable sphere, life saver, explosive airbag, aerosol, gas lighter, gas cylinder and light bulb

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:鈔票

Lottery and cash

Lottery tickets, gambling equipment, coins and stamps for collection, counterfeit currency and securities, and items equivalent to currency (coins, cash, currency, banknotes and securities

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:金條


Spaceship 禁運物品:珠寶、貴金屬、寶石及礦物

Jewellery, precious metals, stones and minerals


Industrial diamonds

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:古董

Antiques (breakable and/or fragile)

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:皮草


Spaceship 禁運物品:植物及植物產品

Plants and plant products

For example, cotton, seeds and tobacco

Spaceship 禁運物品:煙草及相關的裝置配件

Tobacco and related products

All cigarettes, e-cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco-related tools, including shisha and e-cigarette products.

Spaceship 禁運物品:動物或動物製成品

Animal or animal products

Spaceship 禁運物品:象牙及製品

Ivory and its products

Spaceship 禁運物品:容易腐爛之物品

Perishable items

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:石棉


Spaceship 禁運物品名單:危險或易燃物品

Hazardous or combustible materials (as defined in IATA Regulations)

For example, perfumes, alcohol, aromatherapy, nail polish, gasoline, motor oil, camphor oil, turpentine, tentacles, glue and other flammable and flammable liquids under certain conditions

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:腐蝕性物質

Corrosive items

Items that will cause harm to human, products or transportation etc. owing to chemical reaction

Damp parcel

Damp parcel and parcel with weird smell

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:毒性和傳染性物質

Toxic and Infectious Items

For example, poisons, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi etc. and anthrax, dangerous germs, medical and harmful wastes etc.

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:管制刀具、弩箭

Restricted Weapon

Different types of tool/crossbow, only tableware is excepted

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:爆炸品

Explosive Items

For example, bottled petroleum gas, aerosol, dynamite, detonator, fireworks, bottled coal gas, sporting paper caps, dried ice

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:槍

Fire-arms, weapons, parts thereof and ammunition

For example, guns, replica guns, fire guns, bullets, cartridge cases, any accessories used for air guns and real guns, and any equipment used for military and combat, or similar purposes

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:屍骨、殘骸、毛皮及化石

Corpse, Remains, Fur and Fossils

Various types of animal corpse and their organs, human body parts, embryos of humans or animals, incinerated or excavated human remains and fossils, hoofs, horns and their products, dog or cat fur products

Spaceship 禁運物品名單:貨物違禁品

Any illegal property prohibited by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country to or through which the shipment may pass.

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