How to use Spaceship

From getting a quote to sending a parcel, all in 4 steps


Courier Comparison

  • Enter shipping origin and destination
  • Enter the approximate volume, quantity and estimated total weight of your parcel, then press the {Search}
  • SPACESHIP will compare quotes from various international couriers and find you the best offer 
  • You can select your desired courier service and press {Next} to continue

Enter shipment content

  • Choose the suitable parcel category 
  • Fill in the details for each parcel in English

*Providing accurate details of the parcels can facilitate customs clearance. If you are not sure how to fill in the details, please contact Spaceship online CS

  • Press {Next} to continue

Arrange pickup

  • Fill in the date, time, location and contact information for shipping origin and shipping destination
  • Fill in and press {Next} to continue

Pay online

  • After confirming the shipment details and estimated charges, enter your contact and credit card details, and then press {Confirm} to submit
  • *Your credit card will not be charged immediately. You will be charged once your order is picked up, officially weight by the courier company and has been dispatched by courier, then the system will charge from your credit card
Remember to...

Print the labels & Pack your parcel

Print the labels

  • Once the booking confirmed, you will receive an email with a “Download Shipping Label” button. Please click and download the PDF file and print all the shipping label and commercial invoice inside that file. 
  • When the courier staff come to pick up the parcel, please present the printed documents to the courier staff for checking.

Pack your parcel

  • Before the courier staff come to pickup the parcel, please pack your parcel properly. The courier staff will not assist in parcel packaging.
  • Missing of any shipping labels and invoices, or parcel without proper packaging may cause a delay in shipment.

Track your parcel

  • In the email that Spaceship sent you, click the button named “Track the parcel”, and you can instantly check the status of your parcel.

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