Spaceship Logistic Partner: Zeek


Spaceship is cooperating with a logistic platform Zeek who will be responsible for local door-to-door pickup service. After pickup, international shipment will be arranged so as to have a smoother and faster delivery process and reduce the complicated procedures of international shipping at the same time. 

Ship mask from Hong Kong to UK - Recommended courier option

If you

.want to ship mask from Hong Kong to UK;

.and the mask are for personal use

.with no more than 3 boxes (at most 50 masks each box)

* The above rate is for reference only, actual charge is calculated base on actual size, volumetric weight and actual weight of your parcel

About Zeek

Zeek is a smart logistics brand that provides diversified products including SaaS solutions, same day / instant delivery for food and parcel, meeting all kinds of logistics needs in the market.

Don't know which courier service to use?

Do you want to compare different couriers? Use Spaceship calculator to compare the rates of couriers to find the most suitable one.

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