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Spaceship’s Service Arrangements for Public Holidays and Weekends

Planning to send out your parcel? Need help with your shipments from our Specialists? Check out our service arrangements for public holidays and weekends! … Read More

Suspension on To-Door Pickup & Delivery Service of Designated District

To enhance social distancing for the safety of customers and courier staff, the courier companies listed below has suspended the to-door pick-up and delivery services in designated districts, starting 22 July 2020, until further notice. … Read More

Adverse Weather Arrangement for Pickup Service

The weather is unstable recently, are you worried about the messy delivery or pickup arrangement? Spaceship shows you the arrangements of different couriers. … Read More


Spaceship Pricing Scheme

How does Spaceship calculate the courier fee? The courier fee varies based on these factors: The courier company and service that you choose during booking. The parcel volumetric weight or actual weight, whichever is higher. Courier fee will be affected … Read More


How to Pack a Parcel

The first step of a successful shipment is proper parcel packaging which will hugely affect the rest of the procedures. Before making a shipment booking on Spaceship, in order to send the parcel to destination safely, you can refer to this packaging tutorial. No matter normal parcel, fragile items or bulky items, packaging and shipping can be easy! … Read More


Understanding Duties & Taxes

Importing to Hong Kong from overseas Hong Kong is a free port. Generally, many goods are not required to pay customs duties when they are imported into Hong Kong Exporting to overseas from Hong Kong When you send from Hong … Read More

How to print shipping labels and commercial invoice

After you have completed the courier service booking on Spaceship, remember to properly pack your parcel items and print out the shipping labels and commercial invoices Upon successful booking of the courier, you will receive a confirmation email from the … Read More