Shipping Documents Overseas Online in 4 Steps on Spaceship


Sending documents overseas is one of the most popular shipping items on Spaceship.  Especially for SMEs and business owners, as they need to send contracts, original documents, samples, letters, academic certificates, diploma certificates to overseas clients and schools.  With confidential information, it’s essential to pick a reliable courier service that can deliver the documents in time.

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  • This code is applicable only to UPS Worldwide Express Saver Document on Spaceship, and the origin and destination should be Hong Kong and U.K. respectively; each user can only use the code once, and code is not transferable;
  • The code is valid from 16 February 2021 to 31 March 2021 (both dates inclusive). The code will be invalid after the expiry date and will not be reissued;
  • To enjoy the offer, please input the correct and effective discount code and confirm the discount before checkout. Submission or change of discount codes after order completion will not be accepted;
  • Discount code cannot be redeemed/exchanged for cash/other products, or used in conjunction with other or discount code;
  • This discount code is only applicable to UPS Worldwide Express Saver Document single shipment, with order value $300 or above (extra charges and other fee excluded)
  • Spaceship reserves the right to alter, extend or terminate the offers and amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. All matter or disputes will be subject to the decision of Spaceship, which shall be final and binding

Tutorial on sending documents

How to send documents to the U.K. in 4 steps with Spaceship


Courier Comparison

  • Pick the origin as Hong Kong and destination as United Kingdom
  • Select “Send Envelope”
  • Enter the estimated weight of your envelope (You can simply enter the estimated weight.  This estimated weight will be used to calculate the approximate shipping fee for this shipment.  The actual amount will be calculated based on the actual weight measured by the courier company.
  • Click “Get Quote”

Pick Your Courier Service

Based on the information you have provided, Spaceship will immediately compare your shipping options displaying shipping time and costs of various local and international courier services.  Delivery options are sorted by price from low to high, so you can find the best option for you at a glance.

Take sending urgent contract documents shipment from Hong Kong to the U.K. within 5 days as an example, since it involves confidential documents, picking a courier service that is reliable and on time is of the top priority.  We recommend using the UPS Worldwide Express Saver Document since you can get full tracking on Spaceship!

Shipping Documents from HK to UK - Step 2
Screenshot captured on 2021-01-28

Enter Parcel Details

  • Select “Document” for Item Category
  • Enter “Document” for Item Declaration Details
  • Enter the total amount according to the document amount



Enter Pick-up Information

  • Enter the information for pick-up service in Hong Kong and recipient’s details in the U.K.

Online Payment

  • After confirming the reservation details and estimated shipping fee, enter your contact information and credit card details.  Then, press confirm to submit
  • If you would like to use a coupon, please enter the discount code and select your coupon
  • Once the shipment is confirmed, Spaceship will charge your credit card with the estimated shipping fee
  • Once your shipment is completed, courier company will issue official shipment details in 2-3 weeks, listing the actual size and weight of your parcel.  Spaceship will then collect or refund the difference
  • The more accurate the information you entered when estimating the shipment fee, the difference will be minimized

Reminder from Spaceship
The confirmation email from Spaceship includes Shipping Labels and invoice. Before courier staff comes for pick-up, please print both the Shipping Labels and invoice (single-sided printing) to avoid any delay in shipment.

If you need help with sending out documents, you can visit or talk to our Spaceship Customer Success Specialist!

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Ship your documents to UK and enjoy HK$100 off with UPS!【Details】