Mandatory Parcel Return Arrangement

Under the below situation, your parcel may be mandatorily disposed of or returned.
  • Sender did not complete the customs declaration for all items in parcel; or
  • Sender did not provide item declaration details; or
  • Recipient refused to pay for the tax required by customs of the destination country; or
  • Recipient refused or failed to provide documents required by customs of the destination country; or
  • There are forbidden items inside your parcel

Refund Process after cancellation of shipment booking

  • If for any reason you need to cancel a shipment booking, you MUST contact our customer service representative BEFORE the courier come to pick up your parcel
  • After confirming the cancellation of shipment booking with our Spaceship Customer Service Specialist, the refund process will start
  • We will process to refund you fully to your credit card in 5-8 working days.

Reminders from Spaceship
If you wish to cancel your shipment booking, please DO NOT give your parcel to the pick-up staff. Once the courier picked up your parcel, the order cannot be cancelled. For any reason, when you request to end the delivery or return to parcel, sender will be responsible for all the related extra charges

Additional Fee (Parcel Return/Delivery Failure)

For any reason, when you have to end the delivery or return the parcel to the sender:

  • Sender will be responsible for ALL the related extra charges and Spaceship will not arrange any refund.
  • Sender may still have to pay fine of sending forbidden items or charges required by customs.
  • If sender chooses to abandon the parcel, all the expenses associated with such destruction will be borne by sender.

If you any question about Parcel Return, please contact our Customer Service Specialist online

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