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Moving abroad is definitely not an easy task, especially when it comes to moving your belongings, furniture, collections to another country.  You will need more time to prepare, from picking an international moving service, to packing the boxes, there are lots of things you need to consider.

Check out 3 aspects that you need to consider about moving abroad from our Spaceship move Specialist!

1) Picking your international moving service

Most of the international moving companies in Hong Kong use sea freight for moving internationally, which takes at least a month to transit from Hong Kong to another country.  The delivery time is mostly uncertain since it might be affected by shipping schedule and other factors as well.  If the moving company is not a big one, the cargo ship won’t sail away until the containers are full, which means it would take a longer time to ship off your items.  Aside from that, sea freight costs a lot more than you imagine.  Apart from the shipping costs, you will also need to pay extra for packing and packaging.  Moving companies could also charge you more and upsell you with unnecessary services.

Courier companies vs Moving companies

Air freight moving vs sea freight moving

2) Handling forbidden items and restricted goods

Before shipping off your belongings, don’t forget to check out the destination country’s Customs website.  The lists of forbidden items and restricted goods are posted on Customs website.  If your shipment contains restricted items, including medications, plants, food, jewelry etc, and cannot submit required documents for international courier companies or local Customs, or falsely report or fail to truthfully declare the contents of the parcel, it will affect the clearance process.  You might need to pay a fine, surcharge and handling fee.  Check out what not to ship on this forbidden item list. 

In addition, if you are moving to the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan or EU countries, and your shipment contains wood, including wooden cabinets, wooden boxes, you will need to undergo fumigation for your shipment and provide certification to prevent pests from harming the destination country.

3) Packing your shipment

When packing shipments, the size, shape and materials of your shipment affect how you pack.  Here are some tips that will help you:

  • Size of your shipment: If the package is too big or too small, the shipment might get damaged during transit since the package does not provide enough protection.  Therefore, it is important to think carefully about picking the right size for your packing boxes
  • Type of your shipment: The level of protection of the shipment depends on the type of the items and what it’s made of.  For instance, for fragile items, it’s essential to apply extra protection and reserve space for cushioning.  When mailing non-fragile items, e.g. clothes, books, you can put them into the same box.  If you are mailing fragile items, for example musical instruments, ceramics, glasses, handcrafted items, it’s necessary to pack the items with cushioning and protecting materials (e.g. bubble wrap) and pack them in different boxes

For details, check out our guide on How to Pack a Parcel 


When it comes to packing, wooden crate is one of the most popular choices since it provides great protection.  On the other hand, getting a wooden crate is costly, and it increases the total volume of the shipment, meaning the shipping cost will increase as well.  So it’s important to think twice whether it’s necessary to get a wooden crate for your shipment.  Apart from that, if you are moving to the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan or EU countries, shipping a wooden crate will cost you extra for extermination.

If you are not shipping fragile and expensive items like antique and chinaware, using paper boxes with the right packaging and cushioning, your shipment will be well-protected without a wooden crate.  You can save a lot by doing that!

Spaceship move: Your international moving solution

If you are looking for international moving service other than sea freight…

With the new wave of immigration hitting Hong Kong, there have been many enquiries regarding international moving, including from people who wish to move to the U.K., the USA,Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  No matter it’s for international moving for 1, or family plan, Spaceship move is your to-go option! Enjoy the best deal on Spaceship move by getting instant quotes from various international courier companies. 

Ready to move abroad? Get the best deal for international moving with Spaceship move! 

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