How to print shipping labels and commercial invoice

After you have completed the courier service booking on Spaceship, remember to properly pack your parcel items and print out the shipping labels and commercial invoices

Upon successful booking of the courier, you will receive a confirmation email from the spacecraft with a PDF shipping label and a commercial invoice.
After downloading the file, use the printer to print all shipping labels and commercial invoices.
When the courier picks up the goods, please present the commercial invoice to the courier. The invoice will be received by the courier after checking the invoice and checking the shipping reservation.
If you don’t have a printer in your home, you can find a document printing service in the nearest public library, bookstore, or quick map.
Quick map landscaping file printing service:

Public library printing convenient service:


Please remember to complete the above steps. The courier will only be responsible for receiving the goods when they come to the door, and will not assist in the printing of shipping labels and commercial invoices. Lack of shipping labels and commercial invoices may hinder the progress of the shipment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Spaceship Customer Service at 3705 3123 for assistance.

In addition to printing shipping labels and commercial invoices, please remember to properly package your mail items to ensure proper transportation during shipment.

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