How to Pack a Parcel


When you complete your shipment booking on Spaceship, please remember to pack the parcel properly. In order to make sure that your parcel can arrive the destination safely, here are some tips of packaging from Spaceship.

How to choose the best packaging?

In terms of packaging, the size, shape and materials of the item all affect how you pack a. Here are some important factors to consider: 

  • Item Size:If you are using packaging that is too big or too small, your parcel may easily be destroyed. Therefore, when choosing packaging, you must consider the size of the item to be sent in advance
  • Item Category:According to different item category and its materials, the level of protection needed diverse. For instance, fragile items need more layers of protection and rooms to add protective materials to restrict movement and friction. If you are sending something that is NOT fragile, for instance, clothings and books, you can put them in the same box for delivery. If you are sending something that is fragile (for example speaker, ceramics, glass products and art crafts etc.), you MUST use internal packaging to secure your items (for example, bubble wrap or foam) and put them into different parcel for delivery.


  • Item Weight:If you are using a light or old box to pack a heavy item, your parcel will easily get damaged. Therefore, use stronger box(es) for heavy items.

How to pack fragile items?

  1. Prepare or pre-order a durable box of suitable size
  2. Properly pack the item with bubble wrap
  3. Use packing peanuts to fill the box bottom
  4. Place the well-packed item in the centre of the box
  5. According to the item fragility, use protective internal packaging materials, such as airbags, foam-in-bag etc to fill the void of the box. 
  6. Use craft paper and corrugated inserts to strengthen the box wall
  7. Seal the close the box by packing tape. You may repeat this step for multiple times for more secure protection. 

How to pack large and heavy items?

  1. Use foam closures and corrugated board to cushion the contents of your heavy package. Avoid using crumpled paper which is less protective
  2. Close and seal the boxes with heavy-duty tapes. You may reinforce the taping, especially on the seams
  3. Use stronger boxes and avoid using old and used boxes since they are less durable. 
  4. If possible, you can put the well-packed parcel into another box and seal it for delivery.

Basic packing steps:

Step 1: Choose a box

In order to cut cost, you may reuse old box(es) but it increase the possibility of parcel damage. Therefore, using a new box each time is the safest choice. 

Step 2: Prepare the box

When you are booking a shipment on Spaceship, there will NOT be any packaging available, sender is required to prepare the box themselves and complete the packaging before the courier arrive to pickup

Step 3: Pack the parcel

If it is a fragile item, such as glass or ceramics products, please wrap it with bubble wrap before putting it into the box.

Step 4: Fill the void

Especially shipping fragile items, in order to prevent damage inside the box, you need to use protective materials, such as bubble wrap, packing peanut and newspapers, to fill the void to prevent any friction, collision, squeezing, or swaying between the contents and the inner wall of the outer packaging. 

Step 5: Seal the parcel

After packing and filling the void, you need to seal the box properly to prevent drop of items. Please use strong parcel tape on all edges of the parcel but NOT glass tape, opaque tape or rope. Then, make sure that there are no nails, hooks or thorns and address or labels that are not related to your delivery in the packaging of the parcel. 

Step 6: Measure the size and get quote


Measure and count the number of parcel(s) after it’s fully packaged. Then, enter the size to get the quotation and make an order.

Please remember to complete the above steps since the courier staff only come to pickup the parcel but will not assist in packaging. If the parcel is NOT packed properly, it may result in parcel damage, delay in delivery and even affect insurance claims.

If you have any question, please contact Spaceship Customer Service staff.

Apart from packing the parcel, please remember to print out the shipping labels and commercial invoices sent to you along with the Spaceship confirmation email, and give them to the courier staff along with the parcel. 

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